Physical Area :

27117224393.07 m² | 27117.22 km² | 6700812.10 acres | 2711722.44 hectares | 291887375004.18 feet² | 10469.96 square miles | 7896.02 square nautical miles



Located 1596.146 Nautical Miles ( 2956 km ) North of Typhon

Located 1017.092 Nautical Miles ( 1884 km ) South of Auroväyk

Under normal and clear conditions, a Carrack travelling between Auroväyk and Altus at 6 mph ( 9.7 km/h ) would take 195 hours - that's 8 days and 3 hours.

Climate : A combination of hemiboreal, oceanic and humid subtropical 

Temperate deciduous forest :

cypresses, firs, hazels, kauri, larches, hemlocks, junipers, redwoods, oaks, spruces, yews,  maples, pines, ash trees, birches and beeches.


Altus temp

Temperature: Moderate

High:   98.6°F   (37°C)

Low:    37.4 °F    (3°C)

Wind Force: Light to Moderate

Wind Speed: 4 mph (6 kph) to 15 mph (24 kph)

Celsius to Fahrenheit formula : °C × 1.8 + 32 = °F

Mount-Altus flag

Flag of The Dominion of Mount-Altus

The Dominion of Mount-Altus covers approximately 37% of Altus Island.  

Physical Area : 9958.5 km² | 2460799.895 acres | 995850.38 hectares | 107,192,448,003.57 feet² | 3845 square miles. The Dominion of Mount-Altus covers an an area of 3845 square miles. Of this, 50% (1933 sq. miles) is arable land, and 49% (1911 sq. miles) is wilderness.

- aqhenpjmusaq afhenpj epocaqsxepoomuaq -

Kingdom Age : 24 years

Political Structure: Theocracy / Oligarchy  

Military and Political Organizational Chart :


Strong Influence: Red Hand

Popular Issue: expansion

Stability: extremely stable

Personal Freedoms: good

Scandals: rare

Foreign Relations:         Permanent alliance/association with Arutriodwysaa.

         Allied with the Silfsedhil Elves and the Dar Thuruhl Dwarves 

               ( Both 400 years irreversible pacts )

            Friendly with Auroväyk, Typhon and Dvulvash.

            Neutral with Hope's Lament and Prakanda.

              At war with the Nagas and the Sahuagin.


Highly Values: Bravery, Independence, Magical Aptitude, Wisdom

Known For:  Army, Buildings, Codes, Dexterity, Elephants, Metalworking, Weapons

Avidity, Betting, Gambling, Caves, Prisons, Secrets

Popular Entertainment: Gambling, music

Respected Profession: Soldiers, blacksmiths

Discrimination: Virtually none

Major Taboo: Bodily functions

Major Social Ill: Gambling

Religion : Most believe in Tadio Nefen

Type: Polytheism

Focus: Personal spirituality and self-improvement  

Worship: Solemn personal meditation, personal prayer in public temples

Prevalence: Believed by most

Holidays: Quite a few

Altusian Calender: Altusians use a calender known as the Altusian-Etape Calender. The year is divided in 9 months. The first five months have 40 days, the rest have 41 days for a total of 364 days.

The Altusian Code also known as the Aldric Yuliy Ma is a secret written code used by spies, assassins and Red Hand members.

Aldric Yuliy Ma: 

Aldric Yuliy Ma

Altusian Written Code

Exemple : The king will arrive shortly. = laewaxaq zhiohenk vhviott afssiocaq gwaxeposlaetyen.


New chart

Population by race within the Dominion of Mount-Altus.

Population : About 147 thousand people.

Population Density : 38 persons per sq. mile Annual Tax : 50gp 75sp

Altusian Army Shield

Altusian Army Shield

Military : Length of service : 45 months ( young adults and adults only ) All races.

Soldiers: Mandatory military service, volunteers,  hired mercenaries 

Main Use: National defense

Soldier Salary :  

  • First Class :..................126.00 gp /year
  • Second Class :.............130.00 gp /year
  • Third Class :.................134.00 gp /year
  • Fourth Class :...............138.00 gp /year
  • Fifth Class :..................142.00 gp /year
  • Sixth Class :.................144.00 gp /year
  • Seventh Class :.............171.00 gp /year
  • Major :..........................216.00 gp /year
  • Brigadier :.....................240.00 gp /year
  • Captain :.......................260.00 gp /year
  • Chief Captain :..............300.00 gp /year
  • Warlord :.......................300.00 gp /year
  • High Captain :...............430.00 gp /year
  • Seeker :.......................430.00 gp /year
  • High Sage :..................430.00 gp /year

Soldier Privileges : Does not pay taxes. Does not pay for food or repair, immunity to death penalty; life imprisonment instead.                                       

Army Code of Conduct - Courage, Honesty, Sincerity, Honor, Solidarity, Loyalty and Integrity.

Strength: strong

Focus: land

Main Unit: Infantry

Army Size : 32000 (27600 Soldiers + 2000 Spies + 600 Crossbowmen + 500 Guards + 400 Patrolmen + 250 Scouts + 200 Assassins + 190 Monks + 150 Druids + 60 Beastmasters + 30 Trainers + 20 Instructors  )

Six Brigades of 4600 soldiers - Lead by Brigadiers, 27600

Twenty Companies of 230 soldiers - Lead by Majors , 4600

One company is made of 85 Soldiers, 30 Paladins, 30 Clerics, 25 Archers, 15 Elephant Riders

                        15 Griffon Riders, 15 Sorcerers and 15 Wizards.

Army Ranks Badges : 

Army Ranks

Army Ranks Badges

Army Divisions Badges :
Army Divisions

Army Divisions Badges

A =      Mounted Division

B =       Ranged Division

C  =      Infantry Division

D =          Mage Division

E  =        Ghost Division

F =         Patrol Division

G  =    Training Division

H =        Guard Division

Soldiers Class Insignias : Granted by superiors and through time in service.


Soldiers Class Insignias

Mount-Altus Map

Capital City : Mount-Altus

Population: 70,019 Adults

Size: 402.91 Acres ( 0.63 sq. mile )

Population Density (Adults/Acre):  173.78 Adults/Acre

Races: Human (25,211); Halfling (14,003); Elf (12,603); Dwarf (7,001); Gnome (4,901); Half Elf (3,500); Half Orc (2,100); Other (700)

Income for Leaders: 280,200.00

Magic Resources: 56,015,200.00

Gold Piece Limit: 180,000.00

Wealth: 560,152,000.00 [Treasury : 812,220,400.00 With Altusian Platinum Bars, Diamonds and Rubies]

Revenue : Donations = 948,150.00 Prior Circle = 120,000.00 Red Hand's Contribution = 31,752,000.00 Taxes = 7,460,250.00 Temples = 16,000.00  Trade(Export) = 89,212,250.00

Total Revenue : 129,508,650.00

Expenditure : Army Upkeep = 34,114,800.00 ( Including food for animals )

Army Salaries = 11,760,000.00

Maintenance =  4,860,000.00

Arutriodwysaa's Share =  7,000,000.00

Red Hand's Share = [10% of Prior Circle + 20% of Trade(Export)]

                                        12,000.00 + 17,842,450.00 = 17,854,450.00

Trade(Import) = 29,541,400.00

Total Expenditure : 105,130,650.00

Dominion of Mount-Altus Yearly Net Income : [Total Revenue - Total Expenditure]


Natural Resources : Abundant deposits of gold, copper, coal ( graphite and anthracite), limestone and marble. Large quantities of fish, meat, zinc, timber, lumber, iron and bauxite. Great amount of cinnabar, nickel, crops, fruits. Fair amount of sandstone, silver, slate, quartz, spices and farm animals.

Imports: Cinammon, Ginger, Oil, Oranges, Pineapples, Tobacco and Wool

Exports: Aventurine, Leather, Fish, Geese, Jade, Onyx, Topaz, Wheat, Zinc

Altusian Decrees :  Refrain from and shall not commit acts of violence to life and person, in   particular murder of all  kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture.

    Refrain from and shall not commit acts of killing living creatures.

    Refrain from and shall not commit acts of stealing from your community.

    Refrain from and shall not commit acts of mental abuse towards children.

    Refrain from and shall not commit acts of physical abuse towards children.

The penalty for murder is death.

The penalty for lying under oath is death. 

Race or gender based assaults will face the punishment of exile.

The penalty for accepting bribes is five years imprisonement. 

The penalty for comitting acts of treason is death.

The penalty for kidnapping is life imprisonment. 

The penalty for failing to uphold a contract is ten years imprisonement. 

The penalty for breaking an oath is public humiliation. 

The penalty for an official lying under oath is exile. 

The penalty for trespassing is a fine of 150 gold pieces.

The penalty for owning and/or trading slaves is death.

Altusian Platinum Bar :  The Altusian Platinum Bar was created, after consulting with Dini the Demigodess of Currency, to preserve a nation's wealth, prevent counterfeiting and dissuade thieves, burglars or other deplorable individuals from easily plundering the coffers or vaults. An Altusian Platinum Bar is worth 960,000 gold pieces.

"A standard coin weighs about a third of an ounce, so fifty coins practically equal a pound. 

1 Platinum coin = 0.3333 ounce

48 Platinum coins = 15.9984 ounces = 0.9999 pound = 0.4535 kilogram

4800 Platinum coins = 1599.84 ounces = 99.99 Pounds = 45.35 kilograms

96000 Platinum coins = 31996.8 ounces = 1999.8 Pounds = 907.1 kilograms

                                          (zero point nine nine nine nine short ton (US))

To put things in perspective, 1999.8 pounds is about two times the weight of a horse. 907.1 kilograms is about one-third the weight of a giraffe. "

Elephants are used to transport those bars, each carrying a limit of four bars. However, a Stone Golem could only be able to carry one bar.

V=p/M = 21.45 g/cm3 / 907100 g = 42290 cm3 = 2581 in3

Volume :   Length : 160 cm   Width : 40 cm   Height : 6.608 cm. Volume: 42290 cm3 = 2581 in3

The volume of one Altusian Platinum Bar is two thousand, five hundred and eighty-one cubic-inch and weighs 1999.8 pounds.

Here's an exemple with a 20 cm cube, equal to 8000 cm3 ( 488.19 cubic inches ), let's say this is a cube of iron, density of iron is 7.874 g/cm3 = 62992 g = 139 pounds.

Alt platbar

Town Name: Noro Keep Hill

Population: 5882

Size : Noro Keep Hill covers an area of approximately 97 acres, with a total population of 5882 people.

by Trade: Bakers 4, BuckleMakers 4, Doctors 4, Inns  2, Painters 3, Scabbardmakers 5, Weavers 8, Barbers 24, Butchers 3, Fishmongers 2, Jewelers 8, Pastrycooks 14, Sculptors 1, Wine-sellers 3, Bathers 4, Carpenters 13, Furriers 16, Locksmiths 2, Plasterers 5, Shoemakers 21, Woodcarvers 2, Beer-sellers 3, Chandlers 8, Glovemakers 3, Magic Shops 1, Pursemakers 5, Spice Merchants 6, Woodsellers 3, Blacksmiths 6, Chicken Butchers 8, Harness-makers 3, Maidservants 30, Roofers 2, Tailors 24, Bleachers 2, Coopers 9, Hatmakers 3, Masons 5, Ropemakers 2, Bookbinders 1, Copyists 4, Tanners 3, Hay Merchants 3,Mercers 13, Rugmakers 3,Taverns 15, Booksellers 1,Cutlers 2, Illuminators 1, Old Clothes 9, Saddlers 7, Watercarriers 7.

Inns in Noro Keep Hill :  2

1. The Magic Spear : 

In a market district, surrounded by crowded streets and active marketplaces. The street outside is strewn with debris from an overturned cart.

The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with several stained glass windows and finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accomodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. A large stable behind the inn has room for horses and carriages.

The innkeeper is a tall female elf named Liyaefyel. She possesses a magical spear.

Menu :

Braised Partridge and Gooseberry Tart, Glass of Whiskey (2 sp)

Boiled Mutton and Beetroot, Tankard of Ale (12 cp)

Roasted Mutton and Dried Parsnip, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)

Roasted Bear with Mustard and Pecan Bread, Glass of Mead (4 sp)

Baked Partridge and Dried Pomegranate, Glass of Port (2 sp)

Steamed Boar with Nutmeg and Raspberry Tart, Glass of Mead (2 sp)

Steamed Bear with Sugar and Dried Fig, Glass of Whiskey (3 sp)

Smoked Lamb and Barley Bread, Tankard of Cider (10 cp)

Rumors :

A malefic hag is giving eldritch powers to common street waifs

A fire elemental has escaped from a workshop.

The old monastery is haunted by ghosts.

2.  The Empty Mug

In a warehouse ward known for its black markets. Its neighbors include a precarious stack of crates and an abandoned dyer's workshop.

The inn is a two-storey timber and brick building, with several leaded glass windows. Accomodations consist of a mezzanine with several wooden cots. The inn is widely known for its adventuring patrons.

The innkeeper is a male halfling named Lury. He was once an adventurer, but was maimed by a rabid rabbit.

Menu :

Buckwheat Porridge, Mug of Mead (5 cp)

Rye Porridge, Mug of Stout (2 cp)

Stewed Mutton and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Bitter (13 cp)

Vegetable Stew, Mug of Mead (2 cp)

Patrons :

Creci: Male Elf Ranger, Good. Creci is common in appearance, with curly silver hair and blue eyes. He is thrifty and impatient. Creci seeks a company of adventurers to thwart the monstrous plan of Mashta the Mad.

Jeree: Male Halfling Wizard, Evil. Gerey has a narrow face, with red hair and amber eyes. He wears well-made clothing and wields a quarterstaff.

Kunan: Female Dwarf Cleric, Neutral. Kunan is short and heavyset, with black hair and green eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a mace. Kunan seeks only fame and glory.

Modwenn: Female Elf Fighter, Neutral. Modwenn has silver hair and dark blue eyes, and an unusual scar on her face. She wears plate mail and wields a ranseur.

Geoffry: Male Human Assassin, Neutral. Geoffry has cropped red hair and large brown eyes, and a matted beard. He wears leather armor and wields a short sword and dagger. Geoffry suffers a severe allergy to eggs.

Sufidont: Male Aasimar Paladin, Lawful Good. Ufid is tall and slender, with long black hair and blue eyes. He wears scale mail and wields a halberd. Sufidont seeks an old relic.

Okida: Female Kitsune Assassin, Neutral. Okida has red and cream fur and light brown eyes.  She wears leather armor and wields a strange short sword. 

Rumors :

Apparently Kunan the Cleric is dying of an incurable affliction...

Eltowine has been missing for days, and was last seen buying arms and armor from the market.


Arutriodwysaa - She is a young adult dragon. She has orange scales which are unusually thick. Her breath is a gush of electricity. She is surprisingly helpful towards non-draconic races. She lives near Mount-Altus. Her hoard is small and consists mostly of ceramics, valuable books and historical documents.

She has an elegant, short body with a very long neck. Her scales are orange, shading to darker towards her hindquarters and getting finer and less thick on her neck and tail. On the end ofher tail is a stinger.

She has long, thick limbs with four splayed digits on each foot that end in very long claws.She has enormous wings. Three ragged, membranous crests run down her back. Her head is blocky and has round nostrils located on either side of its snout.  She has large  eyes that are sky-blue. Two short, curly horns extend straight up from her forhead. A bony plate projects from the back of the skull, protecting the upper neck. 

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