Calender (added by CPG) Edit

Weeks on Etape are devided into 7 days honoring the 3 Eternals and 4 Primals, starting with Vitasday, followed by Terrusday, Igneousday, Aurusday, Auquasday, and ending in Mortemsday. Xahaxday is considered a transitional day between Mortemsday and Vitasday, bridging the next week with the previous. Each year is divided into 53 weeks, commonly the dates are refereed to as week number week day, year. For example, 18 Igneousday, 1490 is the Igneousday of the 18th week of the year 1490. There are three variations on this calendar, in reference to how Xahaxday is numbered.

Common/Vitan Calander Edit

Xahaxday is numbered on the previous week (i.e. 18 Xahaxday follows 18 Mortemsday and precedes 19 Vitasday). This is the official calander of the Vitan church and the one used by most nations, religions, and cultures for practical purpose.

Mortem Calander Edit

To the followers of Mortem, the god of death and the end must always be the last day of the week. They number Xahaxday on the following week (i.e. 18 Xahaxday follows 17 Mortemsday and precedes 18 Vitasday). Otherwise, their calendar is indistinguishable from the Vitan calendar and local practices. Mortemayrs undercover will follow the common dating conversions to remain undetected, but tend to do so with passive aggression.

Xahaxian Calander Edit

Practitioners of Xahaxism do not number Xahaxday. Instead, each Xahaxday is named after a different incarnation of Xahax, 52 in a calendar year. Because the solar new year and the Xahaxian new year don't always occur on the same date, naming for Xahaxday may differ from year to year. For this reason, Xahaxians will both give the common date and Xahaxian date for a given Xahaxday. Example 18 Xahaxday, 1490 was Ober-Xahaxday, 1490 by Xahaxian calander and 18 Ober-Xahaxday, 1490 in the mixed version.

New Year Day Edit

Etape has a 365 day sidereal year. Each new year begins on the day after the winter solstices. Since 52 weeks of 7 result still leaves 1 day leftover, New Year Day changes dates every year and falls in the middle of a week. This week is dated as the 53rd week of the year prior to New Year Day, and dated the 1st of the next year starting on New Year Day. For example, if New Year Day was 1 Aquuasday, the previous day was 53 Aurusday. Tthe Xahax year always ends the day before Morde-Xahaxday and begins the day afterwords. Because of this, every seven years, Xahax New Year shifts one week earlier from the common year's start.