A small island kingdom southeast of Prakanda. The kingdoms claim to power is the large silver mines it claims under the central mountain range.

Important LocationsEdit

Ostwyn: The capital city of Em-Mer. Seat of political, social, and financial power. Ruled by a monarchy that secretly owes allegiance to the cities powerful mage guild.

Aelvale: Port town to the south of Ostwyn. Primary occupation is fishing. Poor town that owes a majority of it's export to the capital.

Silvermead: A major city that has grown from a small silver mining village to the second largest city in Em-Mer.

Bridgewald: A small village to the north that serves primarily as the main supply point for Strongwyn Fort

Strongwyn Fort: Once a great fort on the northern peninsula cliffs that in former days served as Em-Mer's main defense from northern raiders. Fallen into general disuse except for a maintenance crew and a cursory garrison.