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The world built by the DawnforgedCast community comes to life here in much great detail! Welcome to Etape!

An Ever Growing World

Here you'll find maps for all the continents in the world as well as an ever expanding database of details concerning the continents, their cities, the races that live there, history, current events and more!


Auroväyk - Frosty subcontinent in the northwest.

Dvulvash - Your 'standard fantasy' content.

Hope's Lament - Remains of the Arcane Empire's capitol city, now overrun by the undead and demonic forces.

Prakanda - A continent that has erupted into war after the fall of the Arcane Empire.

Typhon - A wild and untamed land, home to monstrous and fierce creatures

Iberia - A kingdom of "only" humans, their elven neirbourgs in a nation-wide forest and the vigilant dwarves in the north.   

Important Pages

Greater Deities/Gods - The Prime Forces, Eternals, Heroes of the Four Kindoms and other gods of Etape's Pantheon.

Lesser Deities - The lower tiers of gods including lesser Deities, demigods, and quasi-deities.

Outer Realms - Dimensions beyond Etape, homes of gods, angels, demons and the dead.

Dungeons - Index of dungeon maps, suggested encounters, and other delving details for adventures.

Magic - Ley lines and other magic sources, enchanted creatures, magical items, and the rarity levels in Etape.

The Wonder Workers - Important NPCs

Adventures - Expanded plot hooks with NPCs, combats, and other challenges good for a session of gameplay.

Races of Etape - Etape is home to many races and different Cultures.

Paladin Orders - Various orders of Paladin and Paladin-like organizations

Important Wiki News

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Greater Deities/Gods


Races of Etape

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