Paladins: warriors anointed by the gods to smite their foes. Though their methods may be the same, followers of different gods fight for different purposes and take up oaths unique to the deity they serve. As a result, Paladins have organized themselves into orders to better train, organize, and master their abilities and those of their fellow Paladins.

Paladin Orders (Lawful Good) Edit

Paladins are the paragons of justice, selflessly sacrificing to do what is right and uphold order.

Order of the Silver Light Edit

Patron: Vita

Wave Knights Edit

Patron: Auquas

(Paladin order of Terrus) Edit

Patron: Terrus)

Knights of the Waxing Moon Edit

Patron: (Gibbous) Xahax

The Coalition of the Peaceful Edit

Patron: Mixed

Quite different to most Paladin orders The Coalition of the Peaceful the members of this order are the result of several small orders coming together for the purpose of creating peace where possible and failing that encouraging good treatment of prisoners and civilians in war.

Anti-Paladin Orders (Chaotic Evil) Edit

Anti-Paladins are the antithesis of what a Paladin commonly is. Where as a Paladin uses their power for the greater good, an Anti-Paladin seeks power only for themselves. By serving a dark god, they gain the strength they desire.

(Anti-Paladin order of Sahasa) (Note: this is the same order as the Dark Paladins of Sahasa) Edit

Patron: Sahasa

The F-Five Code Edit

Patron: Aurus

Anti-Paladins of Aurus are barely organized beyond having a unified code. They embrace the destructive chaos of Hurricanes and Tornadoes.

(Anti-Paladin order of Mortem) Edit

Patron: Mortem

Dark Paladins Orders (Lawful Evil) Edit

Though these paladins still uphold order and justice, their means and the ends they serve are far more sinister then the common Paladin.

The Dread Gardeners Edit

Patron: (Kranz) Xahax

Actually an order of Assassins following the waning philosophy of Xahax's incarnation Kranz. It should be noted that while this organization functions as Xahax's Dark Paladin order, it is not exclusive to those taking the path of a Paladin.

(Dark Paladin order of Malificius) Edit

Patron: Malificius

(Dark Paladin order of Sahasa) (Note, this is the same order as the Anti-Paladins of Sahasa) Edit

Patron: Sahasa

Dark Paladins and Anti-Paladins of Sahasa work together side by side for the same objectives)

Knights of Richter aka Quake Knights Edit

Patron: Terrus

The Richterites are a cult of the earth god Terrus composed primarily of Duergar as well as evil leaning Dwarves. Quake knights make up the militant branch of this cult and often serve as elite soldiers to Duergar Thanes and Jarals.

Renegade Paladin Orders (Chaotic Good) Edit

Paladins who chafe under the rules and regulations their orders impose in their effort to do what is right often go rogue.

Silver Light Renegade Edit

Patron: Vita

(Renegade Paladin order of Auquas) Edit

Patron: Auquas

Tempest Knights Edit

Patron: Aurus

The Tempest Knights are an Order of Paladins devoted to Aurus of the Prime Forces and to the protection and preservation of Breeze.