The Brothers of Faith are an order of Paladins and Clerics who have recently formed to try to lift the ban on religon and divine magic in Bhadrag and are hoping also to cleanse the city of its evil ways. They have settled near Bhadrag in a city state by the name of Brightwall and are looking for good hearted adventurers to join their cause.

Organization Edit

 The head of The Brothers of Faith is Lord Brother Robert Highcrown with his second in command being First Sister Anlya Goldforge a dwarf. Below them are the High Brothers who lead groups of thirty men and then there are the Bright Blades who lead ten man teams and the regular soldier being a Low Brother.

Plot Hooks Edit

scared soldier Edit

You encounter in a tavern a scared soldier claims he was attacked by a group of Low Brothers.

praying man Edit

Outside Bhadrag you meet a strange looking man praying.